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    This may be the most difficult topic on the entire website!  Why?  Well, to be quite honest, few things are as personal as your faith, and fewer topics more volatile than religion.  None the less, the majority of the folks reading this would say they believe in God, and the majority of those folks describe themselves as Christian.  They would also mention that they are single.  The question remains, how do these things fit together?  
  There are "Christian" dating services and matchmakers, and we have been asked if we are a Christian organization.  Let me try to answer....  If you were to ask twenty people if they are Christians, over 15 would probably answer "Yes".  Now, ask each of them about their personal beliefs....beliefs about abortion, capital punishment, drinking, pre-marital will not get identical answers....not even close.  Ask them what makes them a Christian.  You won't get the same answers to that question either.    
    Right or wrong, "Christian" does not mean the same thing to everyone.  SingleStuff events and activities are designed to be comfortable for most of the people who consider themselves Christian - but our Buddhist  and Jewish members are also comfortable, for the same reasons.  We endorse what has come to be known as "traditional values", something that crosses all religions.  
  We had initially considered having a sort of "Church Review", much like the restaurant reviews you are familiar with, describing churches from the single's perspective...but had no luck!  There were so many things to consider and weigh, and which things were important differed so much from person to person, that we decided (at least for now) to simply share some thoughts on things singles should consider when looking at attending a church....    

Why Go?

The most "legitimate" reason to attend church is to "find God" or to worship God.  Let's say that you chose to attend a particular church because it meets your spiritual needs and offers a place for you to make a positive difference.  You discover that the person sitting next to you is attending because he heard your single's class had a lot of "hot" women.  Is he there for "the right reason"?  
  One thing we are sure of - we believe folks have a right to make informed choices, and that carries with it an obligation to tell the truth.  If the hypothetical guy was not open regarding his agenda, if he tried to appear as if he held beliefs that he did not, in fact, hold, he flunks our test.  He is encouraging the women in the group to make a choice (to go out with him) that they may not make if they knew the truth.    
    But what about you?  You are there for "the right reasons" - does that mean you should not also want to meet someone?  What if there were two churches with identical beliefs, but one had a great single's program, and the other had, well, you.  The lone single.  Should you consider going to the other church?   
  Considering that most faiths encourage marriage between people holding similar beliefs, and recognizing that the chance of meeting someone with similar beliefs anywhere else may be relatively slim, we think it makes sense to give the other church group (the one with singles) a chance.    
    No church can be everything to everyone – some churches have fabulous programs and support services for young married folks, others have tuned themselves to the needs of an elderly congregation - why shouldn’t you choose a church that has done a better job of meeting your needs as a single person?  
  If it is appropriate to select a good singles church, the obvious question is, what makes a church good for singles?

Selecting Your Church


Singles are people

The first thing to remember is that "single" is your marital state, not who you are!  As mentioned previously, find a church that offers the many other things you might need as an individual.  If you have a desire to teach, find a church with open teaching positions or a good teacher development program.  If you need counseling, you should do some research to see which churches provide suitable counseling programs.  In short, don't forget that "single" is a small part of who you are.  
  First, are there other singles there?  If there aren't, there may be a good reason!  Perhaps the church takes a very dim view of divorced people - or the church may be extremely small, and not have any other singles - it doesn't matter, some churches are just not a good place for a single to meet other singles.

Other singles



 There is a very large church in the Mid-Cities that has an amazing number of singles, and they offer a number of activities for their single members.  Sounds good, doesn't it?  Unfortunately, you are just as likely to meet someone at the movies!  Their classes offer little opportunity to interact with the people nearby, so you haven't much chance of meeting anyone.  They do have small groups that meet together in people's homes, but the process of figuring out which group fits your needs (single and otherwise) is "hit or miss" - you simply have to visit different groups until one finally clicks...   
  In stark contrast, a much smaller church in Mid-Cities encourages interaction in the classes - and although there are not as many people, you are far more likely to meet one of them!    


Continuing to use those same two churches as examples, in the larger church you get the feeling that it is directed by people you have no hope of affecting - they decide, you attend.  The smaller church was quick to respond to a telephone inquiry, and seemed eager to meet the needs of its members (and guests).  Your needs will change, and it would be nice to think that your church was open to new ideas and  could grow and change as you do…  
  Remember the example of the guy sitting next to you?  The one just there for the “hot ladies”.  Does he really exist?  You bet!

Church – Safe?


Being careful

Christian doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone – we’ve already talked about that.  A lot of people forget, however, that the people attending their church don’t always share the same beliefs either.  
  Sure, you know that the guy in the example doesn’t have the same beliefs, but what about the person up front there, the one making the class announcements?  People attend a particular church for many different reasons – and attending that church doesn’t mean that the member agrees with everything that is being preached.  Even those that believe what is being preached don’t necessarily live according to those beliefs.    
    This is not intended as a criticism of the church or the folks attending church – but it is a reminder that you need to be as cautious with the singles you meet at church as those you meet elsewhere…  
  “Keeping things bottled up inside” does not sound like a good thing.  Neither does being fully exposed to a bunch of strangers!  A church setting tends to make many of us feel more trusting, and generally speaking, that trust is probably well deserved.

 Let’s talk

    Unfortunately, church people are still just people, and not all of them will deserve your trust.  Before you share information that you would not want to have made public, ask yourself if the person you are talking to would be someone you would trust in any other setting…  
  While visiting the large singles group I had the opportunity to listen to an incredibly engaging speaker.  He held the group’s attention with his stories, and offered remarkably easy ways to solve many of the challenges facing singles, from loneliness to self confidence.  During the weeks he was teaching, the class grew.

Easy answers

    Weeks later I was chatting with a lady who had followed one of the teacher’s suggestions – with a disastrous outcome.  As a result of her experience she was about ready to give up on church altogether.  Easy answers from someone in church, like easy answers from a motivational speaker, need to be carefully evaluated, not followed blindly.   
  So, you have decided that even with all of your flaws (or, perhaps because of them!) you want to find a church that is right for you…what’s the first step?

Where To Attend


Ask your friends

Your friends can help narrow down your options.  You trust their judgment in other areas, see what they think about church.  Be careful to spell out what you want though – the church with the most singles may not be the best fit for your needs and interests.  Remember that just because someone is attending your church, it doesn't mean they have Christian or even traditional values - they may be there because they want to meet some "hot singles", and their apparent faith may just be an act.  
  Many churches have websites that tell you a lot about them, from directions to meeting times.  As many of you know, however, a great website doesn’t always mean a great church.  If a website looks good, call for more information.  Are you treated well on the phone?  Do they sound as if you are the first single person they have ever spoken to?

Check the Web


Call around

Not turning up on your web search doesn’t mean that a church is not right for you – invest a little more energy, look in the yellow pages, check out church listings in your newspaper, and call some churches that might fit you – ask about their programs, find out if they sound right for you.  
  While researching this article, I tried this approach and was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only did several churches tell me about some really interesting programs they offered, other churches were very frank regarding what they didn’t offer as well.  They discussed the fact that they had no real singles program, but offered several suggestions of other churches that they believed might be a better fit.  You have got to respect that sort of attitude!    
  Articles and information appearing in simply represent our opinions.  We do not pretend to be counselors, psychologists, attorneys or other professionals, and any advice you read here should be taken from that perspective.  If you need legal, psychological, medical, or other professional services you should contact an appropriate professional.  

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